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 A Brief History of CRL

CRL was developed by Stillwater Express Solutions for CPB (a TV Future Fund project).
The CRL User Design Team included:
Pat Callahan, KVIE, Sacramento
Dianne Cherry, WBGU, Bowling Green
Mark Laskowski, CPB
Lee Ann Lee, VPT, Colchester
David Lowe, KVIE, Sacramento
Paige Meriwether, KUED, Salt Lake City
Jon Miskowski, WPT, Madison
Kate Peterson, OPB, Portland
David Preston, TPT, St Paul
Margaret Prestrud, TPT, St Paul
Joe Krushinsky, CPB
Joy Vincent-Killian, WPSX, Penn State
CRL was inspired by concepts pioneered in an email management system that Stillwater Express and Twin Cities Public Television created for Right on the Money. The CRL designers expanded on these concepts to create a system tailored to the needs of audience and member services for both public television and public radio.
The final design meeting was held in Salt Lake City a few weeks before the Winter Olympics. The first item on the agenda was "Name the System". Everyone was buzzing about the previous evening's Curling game at the new Olympic rink. Curling met "CRM" and CRL was born.
CRL was installed for Beta testing at KVIE in September 2002, and at TPT in November 2002. Both stations have used CRL continuously and successfully since installation.
The CRL user license is free to CPB qualified stations. Installation and support services are provided by Stillwater Express Solutions.


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